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Gallery 37

"It's Okay to Not be Okay" Magazine Mental Health campaign
(Summer 2022)

Civic Studios' first ever magazine! Led by famous VTuber, Madeline Urback aka Syafire, teens created personalized magazines to spread awareness of mental health, promoting the message "It's Okay to not be Okay". 

StandUp For Kids Campaign
(Spring 2022)

We partnered with the organization StandUp for Kids to raise money for teens experiencing homelessness. Civic Studios teens created campaign graphics and videos aimed to bring awareness to their cause and support the development of a digital media lab at their drop-in center. 

"Hate is a Virus" Web-series
(Spring 2021)

During the peak of the pandemic, teens used their voice and creativity to create awareness of social justice in the Chicago community. With music production, cinematography, and graphic design being the focus, teens used the skills they learned to create a 2-episode web-series that addresses hate and violence against the Transgender and Asian-American communities. 

"Peace and Love Show" Web-series 
(Summer 2020)

Spearheaded by 15 Chicago teens, The Peace and Love Show was Civic Studios first virtual production. A 3-episode web-series, the Peace & Love Show features Chicago artists and leaders making a difference in the community. Teens in the program used skills in animation, design, and video production to promote peace and love throughout the community. 

Logitech "Dream Steam" Podcast
(Fall 2021)

A partnership with Logitech and After School Matters, 30 high-school students from the downtown region of Chicago produced a 4-episode video podcast series titled "Dream STEAM". The series highlights educators from the science, technology, art, and engineering fields. 

Lou Malnati's "Give a Pizza, Get a Smile" PSA
(Summer 2021)

In partnership with Lou Malnati's Pizzeria and Lincoln Park Community Services, 30 high-school students produced a Public Service Announcement to address the challenges of homelessness and food insecurity in Chicago.  After receiving a generous pizza donation from Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, teens decided to pay it forward by providing pizza to those in need.

"The Deep Dish" Teen Talk Show 
(Fall 2020)

Inspired by their love for Chicago deep-dish pizza, teens created a 2-episode web talk show highlighting challenges challenges they were experiencing during the pandemic. 

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