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gately park

"Teenage Issues" Music Video
(Spring 2022)

Inspired by young people using their voice to create change in the community, 15 Chicago south side teens produced the music video "Teenage Issues". The video features teen rap artist Lil Bursty with background vocals by the Civic Studios at Gately crew. 

Sidney Brown Park Annual Picnic Promotion
(Summer 2021)

In partnership with Brown (Sidney) Memorial Park located in Chicago's Chatham community, teens created "Smartnik", a campaign to promote Brown Park's annual summer picnic and initiative to become Chicago's very first smart park. 

"Colorblind" Music Video
(Fall 2020)

Inspired by their experiences during the pandemic, South Side teens produced "Colorblind", a music video representing the beauty of diversity. Featured in their own video, teens send an impactful message to the Chicago community, "Color is beautiful".

"Lately at Gately" Talk Show 
(Fall 2021)

Teens from Chicago's South and West side communities served as Gately Park's in-house production team, teaming up with other after-school programs to produce "Lately at Gately", a 2-episode web-series. The show highlights different programs offered at After School Matters and takes a look inside their newest location, Gately Park. 

"What's The Tea" Web-series
(Spring 2021)

Students created a 2-episode web-series that highlights importance of teenage mental health and addresses the pros and cons of technology. Produced in a virtual setting, teens feature their family members and peers in the show to gather different perspectives on important teen-topics. 

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