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what we do

We create social impact campaigns driven by student voice.


We conduct after-school programs at high schools, colleges, and community centers where teens gain vocational experience in digital media production and civic engagement. Students in our program work with industry professionals, artists, and community leaders to produce social impact campaigns and cause driven multimedia content, using their voice and creativity to make a difference in the community. 


our process

program design and development
Every program is designed to best meet the needs of students and institutions. We work with a team of industry professionals and manage programs from start to finish. 

community outreach
We connect every program to the community and bring partners together to create engaging and impactful experiences.


student engagement

Community engaged learning takes the forefront of every one of our programs. Students become a part of our creative team and participate in hands-on, real-world projects. 


content creation

Working with our professional media team, participants of our programs produce cause-driven multimedia content and have the opportunity to see their final work showcased in the community.

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