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  about us

We bring the show to community!


We are a team of media professionals with a passion for civic engagement. Our mission is to create social impact through storytelling and to teach, inspire, and develop the next generation of creatives.


Founded on a model of community engaged learning, we create opportunities for teens to gain vocational experience in digital media production while making a positive impact in the community. 

founder profiles

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Valarie Biondi

Valarie Biondi combines her passion for media with her love for advocacy. She has been serving and inspiring youth in the Chicago community for more than eight years. A former college recruiter and community relations professional, Valarie helped influence the digital media and technology curriculums at Chicago Public Schools. She is an artist, filmmaker, and accomplished entertainer, appearing on Fox's hit show Love Connection in 2017.


As Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Civic Studios, Valarie continues to pursue her passion for art. She states that her mission is “to create future leaders.”

Bruce Winston

Since moving to Chicago in 1989, Bruce Winston has used his creative energy to help numerous artists, businesses, and organizations grow and prosper. His impressive history of dedication to civic causes and organizations includes leadership roles in: Gallery 37 Art-on-the-Block, Around-the-Coyote Arts Festival, Chicago Memorial Day Parade, Chicago American Marketing Association, and City of Chicago.

An accomplished higher-education instructor for more than
15 years, Bruce is well-known for teaching captivating college entrepreneurship and success courses. Through dynamic studio workshop experiences, custom products, and mobile-media displays, Bruce engages audiences throughout Chicagoland to promote and support transformative community-based initiatives. 

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