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peace + love show

Peace + Love Show

Civic Studios teamed up with 30 talented Chicago high school students from After School Matters and two Executive Film Producers to create a 3-episode web series titled “Peace and Love Show.”

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Visit the online ARTIST SHOP featuring student designs, promotional graphics, and fine art developed by The Peace and Love Show 2020 summer production crew.


executive producers

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Executive Producer: DESMOND HUEY

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Executive Producer: CHLOE KOEGEL


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P+L Episode 1

episode1: “Love for Business”

Small business owners share their stories about how they are dealing with the COVID crisis in Chicago. The episode features a local restaurant owner, a home healthcare nurse, and a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing help and awareness to local businesses.

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P+L Episode 2

episode2: “Speak Your Peace”

In the midst of a protest and a pandemic, a shy 4th year student who dreams of graduation, is forced to come out of his shell and take a stand after his best friend falls victim to a race-fueled bullying incident at school.

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P+L Episode 3

episode3: “Unity of the Arts”

Four Chicago artists share their stories about how they express peace and love in the community.

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student work = art + media content